Legacy of The Dragonfather

The Second Seal
Session 3

The dragonlings returned to the underground cavern, rested and strengthened for their confrontation with Tenebrus
This time, they prevailed over their foe – with Thava using a powerful shout to knock their enemy off balance, sending him plummeting into the darkness of one of the crevasses. The skeletons reverted immediately to inanimate moldering bones, but the two remaining shadows still needed to be finished off. Not that it was an issue for such mighty heroes!


They decided to rest then and there, celebrating their victory. Thava had a disturbing nightmare, of being chased and harried by Tenebrus! She was very glad to find that it was all a dream… Then, upon awakening, they decided to search through this strange room in the middle of a cave. There were many things held inside it, from simple furniture, to some interesting notes on the table, to… what do my paws feel underneath the carpet?
Pulling back the large rug, they found an elaborate arcane design hidden – Surina was able to discern that this was the very Energy Seal they were seeking! Stepping both front paws onto it, it surged to life.
They returned to The Guide after that, and found him more excited than they had ever seen him. “You’ll never believe what happened while you were gone! This bright portal appeared out of nowhere, and there seem to be mechanical noises coming from it. Perhaps the final seal will be found within..”
Bravely, the group stepped through the doorway of shimmering blue light, and ended up in a very strange place…


A strange hallway ending in a room covered in runes. It took the dragons a while to figure out what to do there, but after a song or two from Balasar, they activated the runes by all standing within the room. And FLASH! they were moved again…


This time they appeared in a strange, small grassy field – literally in the middle of nowhere. A statue stood in the middle, with an enticing looking chest standing in front of it. Balasar bravely strode up to open it (despite the warnings of Surina and Thava
Upon trying to open it, the chest came to life and attacked them, opening to reveal long, sharp fangs, and sprouting tendrils for grabbing. It was a Mimic!!
The powerful creature did some damage, but once again, the dragons prevailed. The mimic reverted to a simple, non-alive chest. This time, when opened, it contained a bright portal! Leaping in, the dragonlings found themselves back in the hallway…

This is a very strange place, indeed.

Meeting Tenebrus
Session 2

The hatchlings delved deep into the dark caverns. Luckily for them, the path was not too twisted, or with too many forks. The darkness was everywhere for a time, but in one particular cavern, a faint and eerie green glow was seen.
Rounding a corner, they came across a small building carved from stone, surrounded by braziers burning with a ghostly green flame. Surina was able to hear something stirring in some crevasses below the floor – she was sure there was something down there, but she couldn’t quite make out what it was..


Thava gave the door a strong hit with her horns, and split the door enough to peek inside. But before they were able to get a very good look, the door swung open at the hand of a green robed man (at least, he looked like a man). His hands were wrapped with cloth, and his face was hidden deep within his hood, and he spoke to the little dragons condescendingly: “Most polite dragonlings would knock…”

He asked them about their business, and when he discovered that they were looking for the seals, he became very interested. He said that the dragons must not survive to activate the seals, and then he pulled back his hood – revealing a ooze-like face of utter blackness. He sprayed out a fine, cloying mist of shadow that stuck Balasar
and Surina to the floor, and then called for evil creatures of shadow to aid him!! Six skeletons came to his aid, and three winged creatures of shadow flew up from the crevasses, and they all sprung to attack the poor dragons.


The fight was tremendously difficult, especially with the wyrmlings being somewhat tired from the earlier battle – and eventually, they decided to flee the fight. But not before discovering the name of their attacker: Tenebrus

The Guide was eager to hear of their progress when they returned to the safety of the hatching room, and was horrified to hear that Tenebrus was at work trying to keep the wyrmlings from activating the seals. He produced and gave them 3 potions, one each, that would heal and re-energize them one time. He told them to use it at their deepest need, and then told them to rest and recover – and try to finish their quest once they were rested.

The Hatching
Session 1

Crack… crack…
The egg’s tough shell finally gives way to your claws and horns, and light streams in. But not sunlight, you discover. Instead, there is a strange and beautiful luminescence that seems to fill the stone walled chamber you are in. Equally as strange, you see two other eggs, similar to your own in size and shape if not in color, also in the process of hatching! Stranger still, is the draconic humanoid standing before you. Certainly, it is like nothing you could have imagined, though, for being less than a minute old, some imaginings are harder than others! His body seeming to be almost translucent in the ambient glow. He watches for a while, neither helping nor hindering you as you shed the last of the egg, and finally, he speaks with a deep, resonant voice: “Greetings, young hatchlings – I have been waiting a long time to meet the three of you. I am The Guide.”


The Guide seems to know much more about you than he lets on, but not in a menacing way. After some hijinx from Balasar, Surina, and Thava, he told you what must be done before you are able to leave the safety of this place. “This place was made for you, to keep you safe while you prepared. For many years it has been undisturbed, but in this late time, the outer wall has been breached – probably some insects or other underground vermin. Three seals must be activated, one by each of you, in order to activate the means to leave here. You will be tested during this time, and when you have activated all three, you will be truly ready to venture into the world.”
He gave the doors a command to open, and the three wyrmlings made their way into the outer ring, and a quick search revealed the breach: a large, broken down section of wall, leading off into a dark, cavernous passageway.

They had not traveled far when they came across a strange group of giant rats. These were quickly vanquished,and it was discovered that they were all both blind and deaf, surviving on cavern water and mushrooms scavenged for food. A terrible surprise came when the first rat fell into a nearby pool, and a creature of purest darkness – an ooze-like thing that attacked the dragons viciously. They prevailed, however, and set about exploring the area. Before leaving the cavern, keen dragon eyes spotted something in a particular mushroom patch: the first seal!! A gentle pulsing green glow in a runic design on the cavern floor flared to life at Balasar’s command, and they pressed further into the darkness.



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