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The world was created several millenia ago, sung into existence by a being of light and power – The Dragonfather – Dei’lo. He was the source of all that the world holds, including all of the least races. He made a myriad of dragon servants – the colors of every precious metal – to guide and shape the world, and to help and protect the least races from misfortune or tampering.

Our world was once a beautiful and fertile one. The Dragonfather governed the planet wisely and with compassion, and all of the least races flourished under his rulership.

But there one one dragon who could not bear the thought of serving creatures so far below him – his hatred toward them grew daily, until it could be borne no longer in silence. He began to undermine Dei’lo’s influence and guidance over the peoples, and in secret, he sought out dark and terrible magics and discovered the ultimate evil. A language of destruction and perversion, whose speaking would tear at all that was good. The language of Sa’lei was known now, and it would alter the course of this peaceful world.


Speaking of Sa’lei.
The imprisonment of the dark one, deep within the earth.
There was a prophecy that he will return one day to set all things right.
When the dragons left over 100 years ago, everything fell into ruin.
All the dragons left (old dragons can fly into space).
Dei’lo hid secrets all over the world, for whom no one knows.
Monsters rise from the deep places.

Main Page

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