Legacy of The Dragonfather

Meeting Tenebrus

Session 2

The hatchlings delved deep into the dark caverns. Luckily for them, the path was not too twisted, or with too many forks. The darkness was everywhere for a time, but in one particular cavern, a faint and eerie green glow was seen.
Rounding a corner, they came across a small building carved from stone, surrounded by braziers burning with a ghostly green flame. Surina was able to hear something stirring in some crevasses below the floor – she was sure there was something down there, but she couldn’t quite make out what it was..


Thava gave the door a strong hit with her horns, and split the door enough to peek inside. But before they were able to get a very good look, the door swung open at the hand of a green robed man (at least, he looked like a man). His hands were wrapped with cloth, and his face was hidden deep within his hood, and he spoke to the little dragons condescendingly: “Most polite dragonlings would knock…”

He asked them about their business, and when he discovered that they were looking for the seals, he became very interested. He said that the dragons must not survive to activate the seals, and then he pulled back his hood – revealing a ooze-like face of utter blackness. He sprayed out a fine, cloying mist of shadow that stuck Balasar
and Surina to the floor, and then called for evil creatures of shadow to aid him!! Six skeletons came to his aid, and three winged creatures of shadow flew up from the crevasses, and they all sprung to attack the poor dragons.


The fight was tremendously difficult, especially with the wyrmlings being somewhat tired from the earlier battle – and eventually, they decided to flee the fight. But not before discovering the name of their attacker: Tenebrus

The Guide was eager to hear of their progress when they returned to the safety of the hatching room, and was horrified to hear that Tenebrus was at work trying to keep the wyrmlings from activating the seals. He produced and gave them 3 potions, one each, that would heal and re-energize them one time. He told them to use it at their deepest need, and then told them to rest and recover – and try to finish their quest once they were rested.



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